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Alpha GPC

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Alpha-GPC is a nootropic supplement that contains choline and glycerophosphate (a phosphate donating molecule). Alpha-GPC serves as a cholinergic compound in that it influences the levels of choline in the brain and body. Choline has been shown to influence memory and other cognitive processes. The other molecule in Alpha-GPC has been noted to support the cellular structure of membranes, including those in brain cells. Due to these effects, Alpha-GPC is often used to support cognitive performance, function, and overall brain health. It has also been shown to reduce the rate of cognitive decline in elderly individuals. Alpha GPC has been shown to aid in certain aspects of physical and mental health. Most users and studies report improvements in the following areas:

  • Cognitive Support
  • Mental Performance
  • Athletic Performance


Seeing that Alpha GPC is a nootropic (cognition aid), it’s no surprise that most individuals use it to help with mentally challenging tasks. Some users even supplement with Alpha GPC to improve general feelings of wellbeing and brain health. While user experiences may be subjective, its method of action has been found by researchers to be more consistent among various individuals.
Its primary method of action is through increasing the amount of choline available for use in the brain. Choline then metabolizes into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is utilized by the nervous system. Acetylcholine is primarily responsible for physical movement and other physiological processes dealing with the nervous system. It has been shown to play a crucial role in numerous cognitive processes. Studies have implicated it as being a beneficial factor in learning, memory retention, and formation.
The increase in acetylcholine through Alpha GPC supplementation may also help to improve mental performance and brain overall health. This is due to acetylcholine’s role in synaptic communication and neuroplasticity. Acetylcholine is the primary neurotransmitter responsible for signaling across neurons, and increased levels have been shown to benefit mental performance through amplified neuronal communication. This may lead to short-term increases in focus and wakefulness.
Its effect on brain health is primarily due to its ability to improve how the brain forms and alters synaptic connections (neuroplasticity). Studies have also shown acetylcholine to improve the repair of damaged neurons in individuals suffering from brain damage or certain degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s. Another way Alpha GPC may help improve brain health is through its second molecular compound called glycerophosphate. Glycerophosphate is noted to be a phosphate donor and important molecule in the formation of cell membranes. This may help to improve the integrity of neurons as their cell membranes protect them from the external environment.
Acetylcholine also plays a crucial role in physical movement as it is the primary neurotransmitter responsible for stimulating muscle contraction. These signals are carried out by acetylcholine through motor neurons at the site where motor neurons connect to muscle fibers (neuromuscular junction). Studies have even shown elevated levels of acetylcholine to provide a temporary increase in physical performance. It also helps to regulate the heart rate, which could potentially benefit physical performance during intense exercise. However, research has indicated that these effects are only temporary during supplementation.




While Alpha GPC is well tolerated in the recommended dosage range, some users have reported side effects such as fatigue or headaches.


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