Ashwagandha Capsules

Ashwagandha Capsules


Ashwagandha, also known as an Indian Ginseng, is considered as a staple in Eastern Traditional medicine. It is considered as one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic healing philosophy. It has been present for thousands of years. During the ancient times, it has been used widely for its restorative functions. In Sanskrit, Ashwagandha literally means “the smell of horse”, indicating the herb’s strength is compared to that of a stallion. It has been prescribed in order to help people’s immune system.


More recently, a lot of people have become interested in its effects especially when it comes to its effects on the brain and how it can potentially decrease stress.


Today, after years of research, it is now possible to use the Ashwagandha in its simple powder and capsule form. Solstice Supplements have come up with an Ashwagandha that is 100% organic.


  • Increase cortisol in the brain
  • Increase power output and endurance
  • Improve focus and attention
  • Reduce cravings related to stress
  • Anti-inflammatory


Though it has been commonly known as the Indian Ginseng, ginseng and Ashwagandha are unrelated. Technically, Ashwagandha is related to a tomato. It is a plum shrug with its oval leaves and yellow flowers. This herb is found mostly in India, northern region of Africa and  in the Middle East. In fact, it is found in locations that have mild climates.


It has become popular today for people that are suffering from stress, fatigue, and the lack of energy in their day to day lives. Other than that, there are many other uses for this supplement. Some researchers believe it has anti-malarial properties. However, what made the use of Ashwagandha popular is its effect in boosting a person’s overall focus and learning ability.


It is considered as an adaptogen which helps the body get to its normal chemical levels once stress and anxiety hit our system. According to research, it has been associated with a reduced amount of cortisol, which is something released by the body when there is stress.


It can also be used in order to ensure that the body stays healthy. What it does is help the body boost its immune response. This means that whenever there is a viral or bacterial infection that enters the body, our system has a better response that prevents the user from becoming sick.


In addition to this, Ashwagandha is also a great supplement for people who are suffering from blood sugar issues. It has been known not only to stabilize blood sugar but to actively decrease bad cholesterol levels in the body.


As for its most popular use, it is considered a nootropic that may help improve learning and even memory. It also has a neuroprotective effects that can protect neurons.


For others, it is used as a way to boost a person’s libido. There’s enough research to support Ashwagandha’s effect on both male and female subjects when it comes to enhancing their sexual potency.


Solstice Supplements have come up with an Ashwagandha that has been simplified. It is 100% organic in order to ensure that the person taking this health supplement is safe. There are no harmful chemicals that can potentially have adverse effects on the body. Our Ashwagandha is tested for quality.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 1.95 × 1.95 × 3.95 in


The dosage depends on each person taking the supplement. However, the product contains 300mg of Ashwagandha per capsule. Users can take the supplement once a day or distributed throughout the day.



High standard in the production of the Ashwagandha has been maintained in order to make sure that people can enjoy the best health supplement that can help them with their conditions. It has been tested by several laboratories as well. In addition to this, it is 100% organic to guarantee that there are its users don’t ingest harmful chemicals.


However, one of the most common side effects that Ashwagandha is known for is its possibility of causing stomach pain especially if taken in an empty stomach. This is also not suggested to people suffering from stomach ulcer. If you experience any of these side effects and adverse reactions, it is best to contact your health provider and stop taking the health supplement.


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