Phenibut is a powerful nootropic that allows users to improve their social interactions, reduce anxiety and help them stay calm in trying situations. Customers have used this product for years as a means of achieving a deeper level of slumber and gaining a restful night’s sleep. When used in moderation, users can improve their mental performance and begin completing newfound tasks and attain goals that were once thought to be difficult. As with any nootropic supplement on the market, approach with caution and always use your best judgement when consuming these products.

  • Improved mood and self-satisfaction
  • Relaxed communication
  • Restorative sleep
  • Cognitive Support

60 x 500mg Capsules


Imagine a world where you can talk to people, walk with confidence and tackle your daily goals without thought or worry. If you’re anything like the average person, the majority of your day is spent in negative thought patterns that cripple you with fear and anxiety. Phenibut works wonders by stimulating GABA activity in the brain, allowing the user to feel confident and motivated. In fact, the Russian cosmonauts use phenibut as a means of staying relaxed and focused in dangerous situations.


The ability to coherently share an idea, brief message or thought to other people becomes easier on phenibut. Users have often reported that they’ve used phenibut in social interactions as a means of eliminating anxiety and fear of being ridiculed. For potential customers that wish to use phenibut, you will experience a newfound ability to eloquently share your ideas with strangers and loved ones.


Phenibut acts as a central nervous system relaxant and helps users unwind after a long day at the office. Without diving into the biological details of how the supplement works, phenibut sedates the user to a mild degree in order to help them fall into a restorative sleep much faster than normal. Once the user is asleep, it assists them in staying asleep for longer periods of time so they may recover from the trials and tribulations of the day.


One of the limiting factors in the gym is the mental voice telling us that we’re too tired or too sore to perform a certain exercise. With phenibut, this voice gets pushed to the wayside and allows us to tackle the weights with newfound vigor. Do you wish that you could radically change your body and pack on lean, quality muscle? Phenibut will give you the mental fortitude and tenacity in which to fall in love with the gym. Instead of second guessing your efforts, you will engage the workout in a way you never thought possible.


Rather you’re a college student trying to ace their test or a person working a nine-to-five job, one thing is certain: The ability to focus intently is paramount for success. Phenibut calms the mind and allows us to remain focused on the task at hand until it’s completed. In today’s modern society, the ability to work on a project without becoming distracted is much like a superpower. Instead of procrastinating that study session, dive right in!


The dosage depends on each person taking the supplement. However, the product contains XXXmg of phenibut per capsule. Users can take the supplement once a day or distributed throughout the day.


When taken in large dosages, phenibut has been shown to cause mild to serious health problems in certain individuals. In some cases, users found that their temper and their ability to regulate their emotions became hindered. Moreover, the sedative properties that phenibut has can cause individuals to become extremely fatigued and sleep for prolonged periods of time. Never get behind the wheel of a car or operate heavy machinery on phenibut, and never use phenibut while consuming alcohol as the effects of phenibut and alcohol can compound on one another.


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