Supplements for Anxiety

Supplements for Anxiety

Anxiety is something that isn’t really new. It is just that we are now recognizing anxiety as a serious problem not only among adults but even to children. It can impede a child’s ability to learn and interact with other children, while it can also do damage to an adult’s life.

There are a lot of things that may cause anxiety. It could be genetics and could even be a mix of your environment. There are incidences that a person’s biochemistry affects his anxiety disorder. The good news is that there are different supplements that have been developed in order to help stop anxiety. Unlike different pharmaceutical products, you don’t have to deal with side effects and other problems typically associated with the usual anti-anxiety medication.

Group study

Valerian Root

Valerian root is an herb that is known to help people with insomnia to sleep. It has been known for relaxation and is currently examined for its effects on anxiety. According to experts, it probably has an effect that is more or less physical than mental. It is also not as effective when it comes to dealing with sporadic panic attacks.


There are many anti-anxiety supplements that are herbal based. One of the most popular herbal supplement is Kava. It has received substantial research and has been known to even work better than some anti-anxiety medications. But should you be taking Kava now? You have to understand that it can still interact with medications and food that can damage the liver. Simply put, you can’t be taking Kava with alcohol.

Chamomile Tea

There is research saying that Chamomile Tea is actually a great option in order to fight against anxiety. It has been proven effective in a study conducted by University of Pennsylvania in 2009. According to their research, 220 milligrams of chamomile extract and placebo were given to their subjects. The treatment lasted for 2 months. In the end, 57% of the controlled group exhibited reduced anxiety levels. In fact, it has been recorded that their anxiety levels were reduced by half.


You may not have heard it yet. Ashwaghandha is known for helping adrenals adjust to the stress that the human body experiences on a day to day basis. What it does is to produce stress hormones that you need. It has also been proven to help your sleep and even your immune functions.


A lot of people with magnesium deficiency have been known to suffer from anxiety symptoms such as panic disorder. Magnesium has a lot to do with our nervous system. This makes it a great supplement in order to correct symptoms related to anxiety.


GABA is not just an amino acid. It is also known as a neurotransmitter that is related to relaxation. There are still some debates whether or not you should be taking GABA supplements. According to some research, there is minimal effect since GABA supplements can’t pass the blood-brain barrier.


B-Vitamins are an underrated supplement. In fact, it can be used to help alleviate pain in your joints. In addition to this, B-vitamins can also be used in order to help the nervous system improve its oxygen supply. And because of this, it is believed that B vitamins can help people with anxiety.


Melatonin is another supplement that is becoming popular today. Its use is mainly for improving a person’s sleep. However, aside from helping your circadian system, melatonin can also lessen anxiety attacks.

Homeopathic Treatment

CapsulesAside from the supplements, there are also other kinds of treatments that can be used to prevent anxiety attacks. One of which is the homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are believed to do harm such as nicotine, opium, and even venom. However, it is combined with both herbs and hormones in order to give a different effect. According to believers of homeopathic medicine, the concoction is diluted with water by a considerable amount in order to consume barely just the trace elements.

These types of treatments may come in different forms from gels to liquids. It is then placed in water and diluted in order to make sure that only a trace amount can be absorbed by the body. Though it is becoming popular, there is always a danger that you could be doing more harm to your body.

There are a lot of things that you can do in order to make sure that you don’t get anxiety attacks. You can visit your doctors and even be sure to confront the source of stress. With the help of supplements, you have an additional solution to a common problem.

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